What Industries are Piezoelectric Motors Used For?

Piezoelectric motors have been commercialized in various areas such as information technology, robotics, biomedical engineering, automotive, ecological and energy engineering. They are often preferred over electromagnetic type actuators, due mainly to suitability to miniaturization, lack of electromagnetic generation, higher efficiency.

Piezoelectric motors vary significantly in shapes and manufacturing technologies driven by the needs of distinctly different market segments such as ultra small scale precision motion devices in manufacturing and inspection equipment, phone cameras, ink printing cartridges, micro actuator tools used in minimally invasive surgery, microgrippers required in manufacturing tiny size objects such as stents, and high temperature actuators for diesel injector valves in automobiles.

Medical and Lab Equipment: Piezo motors can be used in medical robots, unique drug delivery solutions and systems, surgical tools with small space constraints, prosthetic elements and drug dispensing technologies. The general ease of implementation and the wide variety of motor styles make piezoelectric characteristics the best choice for these lab environments.

Instruments and Controls: Accuracy and complete precision in the micrometer range is a huge benefit of a piezo motor system vs. a traditional servo. Having a motor that can easily reproduce a test procedure or move in an identical pattern during every single trial is critical for modern measurement and the testing of technology.

Aerospace and Defense: There is a huge number of applications that piezoelectric motors can serve in aerospace or defense from small drones, robots, rockets and satellites that enter orbit or outer space. These high-precision motors can move in all extreme environments, as well as send signals, due to the mechanical nature of their connection to the system.

Optics and Photonics: Aperture optic system or a filter, lens or even a reflector, having a piezoelectric motor regulating the movement and adjustments in an optical system can be perfect for the small changes and precision of the operation. To focus, zoom or change the view, having a drive application based on a piezoelectric motor will be crucial for success in the device.