What is piezo technology and how is it shaping the world around us?

Piezo Motion employs the unique features of piezoelectric technology to provide customers with a high-performance, economical, green alternative to traditional DC motors. Intrinsically high-performance piezoelectric motors and actuators have traditionally been beyond the reach of everyday design engineers working in high-volume applications due to their high cost.

Piezo Motion is set to change the game having perfected and patented certain aspects of its design in order to offer customers the benefit of piezoelectric ingenuity at a cost that finally makes it an economical and viable alternative for design engineers working across the industrial spectrum. 

The clear choice in piezoelectric options, Piezo Motion offers a unique and scalable range of both rotary and linear designs. The new product line utilizes modern engineering polymers making them lightweight yet highly durable and suitable for equipment and for high volume OEM applications. Superior precision and excellent power density, combined with zero energy consumption in hold position are just a few of the other beneficial characteristics of Piezo Motion’s new product line. Customers use Piezo Motion technology in a broad range of applications, from medicine to industrial manufacturing to automotive design.  

piezo motor applications

Customers use Piezo Motion technology in a broad range of applications, from medicine to industrial manufacturing to automotive design. 

Applications of Piezo Motion’s technology

Customers in the automotive industry, medical fields, and even aeronautics are finding uses for this cost- and energy-saving alternative to traditional motors. Whether you’re including piezoelectric motors in your fully automated lab or sending it into space, there is a Piezo Motion product to suit your needs. 

Medical uses

Piezoelectric motors are used as alternatives to bulky EM motors in many medical devices like valves or pumps. Furthermore, their low energy demand makes them very suitable for handheld and battery-powered devices. Piezoelectric motors also allow slim-line design for the most comfortable wearable medical tech, like drug-delivery devices, on the market. 

In robotic surgery, one of the most crucial considerations is the accuracy of the incision/procedure. The extreme precision offered by our precise motion control will provide the surgeon with the ability to perform delicate operations with maximum control.

Piezoelectric motors also enable the design of precision motion control systems that are immune to interference caused by medical MRI, paving the way for the evolution of new technologies and instrumentation to enhance medical treatments. 

Industrial applications

Piezoelectric motors provide a degree of precision in the nanometer range that is impossible to attain with traditional motion control options. The unsurpassed accuracy and lightweight design create the perfect addition for drones, rockets, robots, and satellites.

In optics, industry standards demand piezo motors to adjust a lens or reflective surface quickly and accurately. Whether focusing, zooming in, zooming out, and or changing the view, a piezoelectric motor is more precise and streamlined than traditional servos. 

Another industrial application in which piezoelectricity soars is in the simple act of trial-testing a machine or process. Piezo Motion motors are so precise that they can replicate an action perfectly over and over again, ideal for design’s experimental phases. 

Other benefits of our piezo motors

Piezoelectric motors from Piezo Motion aren’t just for sending into outer space or engineering in a nano manipulator. These ingenious devices have a ton of practical applications as well. Piezoelectricity enhances objects that you use every day, like car doors sensors, car alarms, inkjet nozzles, or loudspeakers.

Piezo Motion’s motors offer significant performance improvements and increased energy efficiency over DC motors. While there are several types of piezo motors on the market, the design and technology developed by Piezo Motion is new in that combines the critical performance advantages of piezo such as superior precision and ultra-low power density, with a lower cost of manufacturing and ultimately lower cost of ownership.

Piezo Motion’s product range eliminates the need for bulky and costly drivetrains and leadscrews in consumer and industrial products.

Motors of the future

There is no doubt in my mind that the future of motors in the automotive, aerospace, optics and photonics, and medical fields are Piezo Motion. From low cost to low environmental impact, these motors are on the cutting edge of 21st-century technology.