On-Demand Webinar: March 17, 2022, @ 11:30 a.m. EST – Revolutionizing the Motion Industry by Providing Affordable Piezoelectric Technology

As the industry leader in precision motor technology, Piezo Motion has made a multi-million dollar investment in research and development. At Piezo Motion, we recognize the need to reduce the complexity of products while adding performance and precision.

Our innovations and first-mover advantage are disrupting the precision motor market. We displace traditional DC motor and actuator suppliers in applications that need the benefits of piezo technology at a competitive price. With over 25 patents, our mission is to be the leader in the motion control industry.

Our team consists of leading scientists and engineers who completed an extensive engineering program culminating in the launch of our leading-edge suite of products. We have invested significantly in production validation and tooling to enable mass-production of our product line and work with top companies in the life sciences, robotic, and automation industries.

During this expert-led webinar, key topics include:

  • An introduction to Piezo Motion and its technology
  • The advantages of Piezo Motion compared to the traditional DC and stepper motors
  • Product overview
  • The benefits of using Piezo Motion’s miniature motors

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Webinar March 17, 2022

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