What is a Piezoelectric Motor?

Piezo motors can be designed in either linear or rotary form and applied to host of applications as both single and complex multi-axis system that enable very precise, repeatable and reliable motion control. The small size of the piezo motor means they can be used in a variety of locations where other solutions may have limitations. In addition, because piezo motors are not magnetic that can often be used in applications that require the generation of strong magnetic fields environments, such as medical MRI machines.

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Electronic Driver – Piezo Motors

two square blue LED lights

The piezo drive scenario is the complement of the electromagnetic drive, where current drive is needed and voltage is a consequence; here, voltage is what is needed, and current is the consequence. The piezo driver must supply the needed voltage (not current) into a capacitive (not inductive) load, and it must control and modulate this voltage to force the desired crystal elongation. In other words, current is the independent parameter and voltage is reliant on parameter for conventional motors, but for piezo motors, the situation is the opposite.

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