Introducing the new MDP-11


The 3-in-1 microinjector provides continuous microflow, rapid micro-dosing, microinjection, micro-suction, rapid sampling, and mixing with a footprint of just 3.5” by 4.5”. Applications that traditionally require two or three separate laboratory devices can now be replaced with this single piezoelectric micro-dosing pump.


The problem with traditional pumps


Traditional peristaltic pumps employ standard electromagnetic motors to provide a measured level of dispensing volume and flow rate. Further reduction of dispensing volume and flow rate is achieved by installation of a gearhead/reducer.

One of the drawbacks in introducing a reducer in such a system is that it creates inferior flow dynamics caused by factors such a hysteresis and backlash, and poor resolution/precision. These problems are particularly noticeable when a very slow flow/step rate is desired, often resulting in a limitation of the range of flow rate to just 2 orders of magnitude.

Furthermore, such pumps cannot perform microinjector functions due to slow response times and inability to produce

Our solution


The disadvantages of stepper-based micropump systems have recently been solved by the development of a unique miniature Micro Dosing Pump based on a novel piezoelectric motor technology developed by Piezo Motion.

At the heart of the new Micro Dosing Pump is a precise rotary piezomotor that is directly coupled to a peristaltic pump head providing a superior direct-drive mechanism.

With a footprint of just 3.5" X 4.5" the MDP-444 also uses minimal bench space.


Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

The MDP-444 is available in either a reinforced plastic or chemically resistant 304 stainless steel enclosure. 

Programmable Microcomputer

Programmable Microcomputer

A convenient programmable microcomputer with 7" touch-screen LCD display (as shown) is used to access program files for programming and control.

Reinforced Plastic

Reinforced Plastic

The MDP-444 is available in either a reinforced plastic or chemically resistant 304 stainless steel enclosure.

DTI plastic version exploded.129 (2)

The MDP-11 Micro Dosing Pump


  • Uniquely combines two instruments - micro-injecting and constant flow (with multi-mode functionality)
  • Better usability and the reduction in contamination risk
  • Small footprint gives huge advantage where bench top space is at a premium
  • Precise control of flow rate and dose volume are critical
  • Designed around a rotary piezo motor with 625,000 steps per revolution enables enhanced performance
    • Ultra Smooth flow delivery
    • Precise ow flow rates down to 30 µl/h
    • Dosing down to 1.6 nanoliters
    • Rapid micro-injection provides > 500 ml/h flow within 1 ms burst


625,000 Steps Per Revolution

0.1W at 1rpm ZERO power at hold

Principle of operation

Watch the principle of piezo motor operation in uni-directional and bidirectional modes

Piezo Motion’s rotary piezomotors work on a patented principle of excitation of ultrasonic standing waves within a piezoelectric resonator.

Watch the principle of piezo motor operation in uni-directional and bidirectional modes

The resulting superposition of two orthogonal ultrasonic waves causes elliptical movement of the resonator tip which drives the rotor. Piezo Motion’s electronic drivers have been designed to provide an economical user-control interface.

  • Manual mode

    Micro Dosing Pump is controlled manually (using the program buttons) to either Pump or Suck fluids.

  • Continuous mode

    Micro Dosing Pump functions in a similar manner to a precise peristaltic pump, enabling ultra smooth flow of fluids. The user can enter the desired parameters such as, flow rate, delivered volume/dose and flow duration.

  • Pulse mode

    Micro Dosing Pump functions as a rapid micro dosing pump. The user can enter the discrete dose volume (e.g. 2 μl), the number of doses and the dose frequency. The precise dose volume is then delivered within 5-7 ms.


  • Injection mode

    Micro Dosing Pump functions as a micro-injector. The user can enter the injection duration (e.g. 1 ms to 100 ms), number of injections and duration between injections. The maximum flow rate achieved within 1 ms is 500 ml/hr.

  • Scanning mode

    Micro Dosing pump functions as a rapid mixing pump automatically cycling between pump and suction enabling small volumes of fluids to be conveniently mixed. User can enter the volume and the number of mixing repetitions.

  • Custom mode

    Provides unlimited programmable control of all pump functions utilizing DTI’s freely available Python API*. This mode enables users to implement their own fluid delivery algorithms.

Stainless Steel Micro Dosing Pump System with Controller

Micro Dosing Pump system comprising: single pump head (constructed with stainless steel enclosure and stainless steel foot-mount); Control unit for single MDP pump with programmable 7″ LED touch-screen display and stainless steel foot-mount; 2 m (6’) control cable and 110/240 VAC to 12 VDC wall power adapter.

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