Stainless Steel Micro Dosing Pump System with Controller

Micro Dosing Pump system comprising: single pump head (constructed with stainless steel enclosure and stainless steel foot-mount); Control unit for single MDP pump with programmable 7″ LED touch-screen display and stainless steel foot-mount; 2 m (6’) control cable and 110/240 VAC to 12 VDC wall power adapter.

Mode of Operation Multiple
Minimum Flow Rate 30 µl/hr
Maximum Flow Rate 300 ml/hr
Volume per 360° rotation 50 µl
Minimum delivered volume* 1.6 nl (1.6 x10-9 L)
Reverse time of flow < 1ms
Maximum Pressure 48 kPa (7.0 psi)
Tubing Type Silicone
Tubing Dimensions 3.0 (O.D.) X 1.5 mm (I.D.) X 75 (L)
Power 0.5 to 4.5 W 12V DC
Pump Stainless Steel Dimensions 162 X 111 X 87.50 (mm)
Pump Molded Housing Dimensions 166 X 114 X 90 (mm)
Controller Dimensions 222 X 188 X 95 (mm)
Weight <100g

Download Product File Package

The download product package includes a user manual on how to set up and use the motors, software and drivers, STEP files, and a 2D drawing of the motors. Please contact us for more information.
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