>1 mN.m Hollow Shaft Rotary Motor

RAS series piezo rotary motor has a driving torque greater than 1 mN.m. It has a 10 cm flying lead. Supported driver(s): EDA50V002BB, EDA50V003BB, EDA50V004BB
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Weight 4 g
Dimensions 13×18.7×8.2 mm
Nominal Outside Diameter 9 mm
Torque Options 1 mN.m | 1 mN.m | 0.6 mN.m
Self Braking Torque Options 1.1 mN.m | 1.1 mN.m | 1.1 mN.m
Speed Options ≥600 rpm | ≥300 rpm | ≥150 rpm
Torque >1 mN.m
Driver Supply Voltage 5 V
Current Options 300 mA | 100 mA | 50 mA
Driver Output Voltage 50 V
Response Time Range 10 µs to 30 µs
Minimum Angular Step < 30 µrad
Angular Hysteresis at Direction Change < 30 arc.min
Operating Temperature Range -20 to 80°C
Shaft Type Hollow Shaft
Shaft Style Plain
Connection Type Flying lead
Wire Length 10 cm
Encoder No Encoder

Additional information

Weight 4 g
Dimensions 13 × 19 × 9 mm
Evaluation Kit





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The download product package includes a user manual on how to set up and use the motors, software and drivers, STEP files, and a 2D drawing of the motors. Please contact us for more information.
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