PM Series

Piezo Motion’s Imperial Series of rotary piezomotors have a more conventional cylindrical form factor, with metal shafts and alloy enclosures. They are much larger than the lightweight engineering thermoplastic range of motors offered within the blue series, but still significantly lighter when compared to equivalent size DC motors. They are intended for special applications requiring the highest level of resolution and performance. This product is made to order.


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Dimensions Ø38×45 mm
Maximum Torque 1.2 N.m.
Self-Braking Force 1.4 N.m.
Response Time 30-50 µs
Maximum Speed >20 rpm
Minimum Angular Step 0.4 arc sec (2 µrads)
Supply Voltage 12 VDC
Operating Current <1000 mA
Operating Temperature Range -20 to 80°C
Motor Weight 750 g
Dynamic Range (kHz) 2
Driver PCB Dimensions 40×60 mm
Encoder Options Available

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Dimensions 80 × 80 mm

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