Piezo Motion and MEV Elektronik Service GmbH Launch New Linear and Rotary Motor Product Line at SPS2022 in Nuremberg, Germany  

Piezo Motion’s new Blue Series is disrupting the market for small size, high precision electrical motors and actuators.

Based on the Blue Series, the new product line provides piezo precision and performance at a lower cost. The new range of motors is finding applications within several key industries, including life sciences, medical devices, robotics, aerospace, semiconductors, optics, and automotive systems. 

LAKEWOOD RANCH, Fla., November 22, 2022 –– Piezo Motion, a Florida-based technology company announced today the launch of a new linear and rotary piezo motor product line, based on the Blue Series technology, with German partner MEV Elektronik Service GmbH during SPS2022.

The Blue Series is disrupting the historic market for small size high precision electrical motors (linear motors, brushless DC motors & stepper motors) and actuators, by providing significant performance improvements with a lower cost of ownership.

The new Blue Series piezomotors are available in a variety of sizes and configurations including non-magnetic, which makes them suitable for use within medical MRI.

“Throughout the exhibition we were kept busy by a steady stream of visitors interested in our new product line,” said Dr. Mark Broderick, President of Piezo Motion. “There was particular interest in our small linear motors, the Model LBS and Model LAS for various photonic related applications including LIDAR. There was also significant interest in our smallest rotary motor, Model RAS, and the slightly larger Model RBS for precise positioning applications including camera and sensor gimbal designs for drones.”

Mark Broderick, president of Piezo Motion, along with with German partner MEV Elektronik Service GmbH. showed off the new Blue Series during SPS2022

Piezo Motion’s Blue Series product line utilizes engineering polymers making them suitable for equipment and for high volume OEM applications. While there are several types of piezomotors on the market, the design and technology employed in the Blue Series is new and combines key advantages, such as superior precision and energy efficiency with ease-of-manufacture and affordability.

Piezo Motion’s technologies, which are protected by 27 worldwide patents are applicable to a vast array of diversified markets including; life science, medical devices, robotics, aerospace, semiconductor, optics, automotive systems.

“Our tiny, precise, efficient, and lightweight motors have broken past the constraints limiting traditional motors from advancing the next generation of innovative devices,” said Hassan Kotob, Chairman and CEO of Piezo Motion. “Together with our partner MEV Elektronik Service GmbH, we are excited to make these motors available in Europe.”

About Piezo Motion 

Piezo Motion (piezomotion.com), a Brain Scientific company, is a leader in precision motor technology with multimillion-dollar investments in research and development of affordable piezoelectric motors to meet, and exceed, the needs of today’s global markets. The company is committed to the development of innovative technology and motion products that enhance functionality in a multitude of applications. The company works with startups, OEMs, research institutions and industrial companies from around the world, empowering the visionaries behind their products. 

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Brain Scientific (brainscientific.com) is a medical technology company with multiple patents and FDA-cleared products. Brain Scientific is committed to developing next-gen solutions that advance the future of neurodiagnostic and OEM medical devices. Brain Scientific has two product lines covering neurology and precision motion. The NeuroCap™ and NeuroEEG™ are smart neurological diagnostic devices that simplify administration, shorten scan time, and cut costs. The Piezo Motion product line consists of ultra-efficient compact precision motors that will drive the next generation of medical devices. To learn more about Brain Scientific’s corporate strategy, products, or investor relations, please visit brainscientific.com

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