In conversation with our Director of Sales Channel, Todd Bertrand

Piezo Motion has seen substantial growth in the past year. As our unique approach to innovation in the precision motor industry continues to disrupt the motion control market, the company continues to expand its global partner network. Today, we are talking with the Director of Channel Sales, Todd Bertrand, about the demand for our miniature motors and how our partners are helping shape Piezo Motion’s future.

Todd, let’s talk about what makes Piezo Motion unique in the precision motor market space?

TB: Of course, it’s an exciting technology that has been around for a long time, but we have simplified what was considered a complex application. What this means is we’ve produced a unique motion system that is 100 times more precise, lasts longer, and has a smaller footprint than the competition, and we have made all of these modifications to create a product that is half the price. If you think about it, we deliver this cutting-edge, complex, yet simple-to-use technology that is now easily attainable for many different applications.

You mentioned price. Piezoelectric motors have a reputation for being expensive and too complex for many applications. How has Piezo Motion changed that thinking?

TB: Well, we have folks within the company who have scaled this technology for starters. Many people associate piezoelectricity with a heavy price tag and a very complex application. We have the scientists who have studied and developed the technology, made it attainable, and maintained the high performance that people expect from piezo technology.

Piezo Motion has seen a steady growth of distributors and sales reps in the past year. How has that helped the company’s outreach?

TB: It has helped immensely. We are still in the early stages as a company, and we are small. Our partners are invaluable because they can fill in gaps and find markets for us that we cannot yet. We have added companies worldwide, so it’s very thrilling for us to see their excitement about our products. The distribution network will help us grow as a company, and they are very excited to add our technology to their profiles. 

Your focus has been in the Medtech realm, but the technology is endless. What are some other areas you see Piezo Motion products functioning?

TB: You are right. Our products do work in many environments. We see a lot of changes in medical science right now where our products will play a prominent role, especially our miniature motors. We are seeing a surge in wearable drug devices based on lots of market research. That is a massive arena because precision and power are significant factors. Our technology is limitless, and we see our products working in other industries like aerospace and autonomous vehicles.

Finally, what do you foresee for the future of Piezo Motion?

TB: As we get our name out there and offer more products, and people realize that piezoelectric technology doesn’t have to be expensive and complex, we will eventually displace DC and stepper motors. We are in a unique position in the market because we have this high-precision product that outperforms mass-market DC and stepper motors but is less costly than the high-end piezo motors. As we say, we offer precision without the premium price.