In conversation with our CEO Hassan Kotob

Piezo Motion is shaping the future of many industries; our ability to do this stems from our pioneering leader Hassan Kotob. He is experienced in taking pre-commercial companies with disruptive technology and making them industry leaders; now, he is working to do the same with Piezo Motion.

Hassan, with your experience, you could be doing anything. What drives you to work with Piezo Motion?

HK: The company has a mix of disruptive technology and profoundly qualified scientists and researchers. Piezo Motion has developed some very unique technology. We have motors that are up to 1000x more precise and 100x faster to respond than a typical DC motor competitor, offered at a similar price point.

The market is validating our offerings. We know from our partners and customers that our solutions are new and clear roadblocks in their product design. For example, our motors can make wearable drug dispensers smaller and more precise, significantly improving patient care. Piezo Motion has spent years and millions of dollars developing its solutions, and we are now bringing this novel technology to market. 

How does your background influence your approach at Piezo Motion?

HK: This company is in a very similar situation to other companies I have seen in the past, both in my roles as CEO and a board member. I have had the privilege to work with several companies in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, which has given me a global perspective. Across companies and geographies, there are a couple of common elements to success.

First, you need to have the right team in place. We are lucky to have a mix of operational and industry knowledge in our organization. Everyone in the company must be clear on the priorities and work in sync with them.

Second, it is vital to create a collaborative relationship with your customers and partners, ensuring that your products meet current needs and that new solutions solve the challenges they will face in the future. We have been excited to hear so much enthusiasm from our existing distributors, who span North America and Europe.

In my experience, when your customers become your ambassadors, you can expect your business to grow and scale.  

As a successful leader, can you share what you believe it takes to build a culture of creativity and innovation?

HK: Anyone and everyone can and must contribute their ideas. Management must act on the best ideas once validated. As a management team, we openly share our thoughts and plans with our employees so that they can contribute and take ownership of the path forward. It’s important that everyone feels respected and that they are working for a leader they respect.

What does the future hold for Piezo Motion?

HK: The medical industry is where we believe substantial growth exists. That said, we have also seen demand in other verticals like aerospace, optics, robotics, and industrial manufacturing.

We work with design engineers, product managers, and leaders within organizations that need miniaturization in high-tech and high-end environments. There is also a void in the market, which is demanding better performance and more energy-efficient solutions. Our motors are simple, fast, precise, tiny, and powerful.

Our Research and Development team continues to create significant intellectual property and erect barriers for our competition. The currently released products are just the tip of the iceberg – we have a large store of IP to leverage. We have over 20 patents worldwide. Our team is continuing to build groundbreaking new technologies that will serve us well into the future.