OEM Capabilities

As an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) your time and resources should be spent on designing the systems and assemblies that you are the expert at.

At Piezo Motion Corporation, let us use our motion design expertise to implement the perfect subassembly for your application. Whether it is minimizing the footprint of your product, maximizing efficiencies, or increasing the precision of your application, we have the design capabilities to modify our piezo motors to solve any application. 

From modifying a connector or changing the stroke length to custom control boards and ground-up designs, no modification is too small or too large. We will work with you and your team to ensure a design that meets the specifications of your project in a timely manner. 


Non-Magnetic Motors

Piezo Motion has the ability to modify any current catalog motor to remove some or all the ferromagnetic material in it making the motors useable in applications where electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a critical requirement. Our motion technology leverages piezoelectric ceramics that deform at certain excitation frequencies. This means that we can create motion without the need for electromagnetic fields which are highly susceptible to EMI as well as polluting the environment with EMI. These principles can also be used in a ground-up design that can be a turn-key solution for your application. If you have any further questions in regards to our non-magnetic motor capabilities reach out to us directly.”


While most stepper motors have a maximum of 400 steps per revolution, a Piezo Motion rotary piezo motor has ~625,000 steps in a single rotation with each at full torque, stepping in 10 µrad increments. 


Within 30 to 50 µs, the piezo motor has made its first step and motion has commenced, compared to a stepper motor with a typical 15 to 20 ms to start motion.


The rotary piezomotor contains no ferrous materials and is completely non-magnetic. Immune to EMI and RF interference and with no emissions, the RBS-50 is ideal for a range of sensitive and specialized applications (including MRI).


Piezo Motion’s rotary motors consume zero power at holding torque and very low power at slow speed yielding the possibility of very efficient overall duty.


These motors contain no copper windings, magnets, or ferrous laminations making it ideally suited to weight-critical applications. Our motor housings are lightweight, reinforced thermoplastic, and the motor operates at ultrasonic frequencies, making it virtually silent.

Your questions are important to us.

Have a question about our design capabilities? Contact Piezo Motion by email and a member of our team will reach back out to you.