Discover cutting-edge piezotechnology in action.

Piezo Motion’s ultrasonic piezo motors are used around the world in various applications – from biomedicine, optics, semiconductor and nanotechnology to industrial electronic and automotive systems.


Introducing the MDP-11

A unique piezoelectric micro-dosing pump for laboratory fluid handling applications.


What is a piezoelectric motor?


Piezoelectric motors: The better alternative

Piezoelectric motors have evolved from their beginnings in laboratories to use in mass production industrial applications. Modern piezo motor designs provide a higher level of performance from a smaller size, produce higher resolution movement, and require less power and energy than other types of positioning technologies…

Principle of operation

Watch the principle of piezo motor operation in uni-directional and bidirectional modes

Piezo Motion’s rotary piezomotors work on a patented principle of excitation of ultrasonic standing waves within a piezoelectric resonator.

Watch the principle of piezo motor operation in uni-directional and bidirectional modes

The resulting superposition of two orthogonal ultrasonic waves causes elliptical movement of the resonator tip which drives the rotor. Piezo Motion’s electronic drivers have been designed to provide an economical user-control interface.

Piezo valves

Industry Applications

Medical Devices

From imaging to scanning and robotic surgical devices; the applications for piezoelectric motor technology is broad and the technology is key in providing the best care possible.

Industrial Equipment

Piezo Motion products are used in broad range of industrial equipment applications, including food and pharmaceutical processing, gas and oil pipelines, power reactors, chemical reactors, steam/water pipelines, and vacuum systems.

Aerospace Industry

From piezoelectric motors for use in aircraft cabin equipment to miniature robotic systems for use in satellites, Piezo Motion offers a broad range of high performance solutions for high precision motion control systems.

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