In conversation with our CEO Hassan Kotob

Piezo Motion is shaping the future of many industries, our ability to do this stems from our pioneering leader Hassan Kotob. Experienced in taking lesser-known technology with enormous potential and making it the industry standard, he’s now leading this company with creativity, collaboration and vision. 

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Small in size, large in power: Piezo motors

Piezoelectric motors can be used in a variety of applications due to their exact movements and the compact nature of their design. Piezo motors can duplicate a motion many thousands of times without sustaining wear and tear the way a traditional motor design would. This is due to the deforming and responsiveness of the ceramic and other materials.

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What Industries are Piezoelectric Motors Used For?

silver microscope

Piezoelectric motors have been commercialized in various areas such as information technology, robotics, biomedical engineering, automotive, ecological and energy engineering. They are often preferred over electromagnetic type actuators, due mainly to suitability to miniaturization, lack of electromagnetic generation, higher efficiency.

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