Delivering innovation with precision motion technology.

Piezo Motion is the leader in ultra-efficient precision motors that provide cutting-edge product developers with affordable motion solutions that are compact, lightweight, powerful, and energy-efficient.


Piezo Motion’s novel series of linear and rotary piezoelectric motors represent a quantum leap in design construction of compact ultra-precision, high-performance motor technologies.

Piezo Motion , STXi Motion join forces to disrupt the precision motor market in Israel

Piezo Motion to deliver cost-effective industrial automation solutions to STXi’s customers

Piezo Motion Continues Expanding U.S. Partner Network

Piezo Motion Continues Expanding U.S. Partner Network

Piezo Motion partners with Advanced Motion Systems to bring its disruptive micro-precision motors to Advanced Motion’s customer base.

Piezo Motion Continues Expanding U.S. Partner Network
Piezo Motion to Offer Precision Motor Technology and Automation across Asia

Piezo Motion to Offer Precision Motor Technology and Automation across Asia

Piezo Motion’s new partnership with CNBEST Tech will expand access to affordable piezoelectric motor solutions in the Asian markets

Piezo Motion to Offer Precision Motor Technology and Automation across Asia

Piezo Motion and iMotion Inc. Announce Partnership

Piezo Motion’s new partnership with iMotion will expand Piezo Motion’s precision motor technologies and motion control offerings to the Rocky Mountain region.

Piezo Motion and Precise Motion Unite to Expand Control and Automation Technologies

Piezo Motion’s innovative precision motors expand Precise Motion’s product offering and boost market demand from OEM manufacturers.

Webinar: Finally! Precision piezo motion without the premium price tag - May 6, 2021 @ 11am EDT

Piezo Motion highlights innovations in piezomotor technology, the piezoelectric effect is explained along with how advances in piezo control are applied to enable the design of novel Linear and Rotary motion devices.

Introducing a new micro-dosing pump for laboratory fluid handling applications

Applications that traditionally require two or three separate laboratory devices can now be replaced with a single micro-dosing pump by Piezo Motion.

Industry Applications

Medical Devices

From imaging to scanning and robotic surgical devices; the applications for piezoelectric motor technology is broad and the technology is key in providing the best care possible.

Industrial Equipment

Piezo Motion products are used in broad range of industrial equipment applications, including food and pharmaceutical processing, gas and oil pipelines, power reactors, chemical reactors, steam/water pipelines, and vacuum systems.

Aerospace Industry

From piezoelectric motors for use in aircraft cabin equipment to miniature robotic systems for use in satellites, Piezo Motion offers a broad range of high performance solutions for high precision motion control systems.

Meet our premier partners

Piezo Motion is partnering and distributing throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia providing ease of connection to our customers. All our distributors have extensive experience working in the motion control industry. If your country does not have a Piezo Motion distributor, please get in touch with us.

Advanced Motion Systems

For nearly 30 years, Advanced Motion Systems ( has been providing solutions for a wide spectrum of automation applications. Our clients are machine builders and end-users in a wide variety of industry segments, including automotive manufacturing, semiconductor, life sciences, glass fabrication, medical device manufacturing, food, and beverage. Our solutions include motion control, machine vision, barcode reading, safety, machine control, and robotics. Our team of experienced engineers is passionate about finding the right solutions to your most challenging applications. We are excited to work with Piezo Motion to discover new markets for their innovative leading-edge products.

CNBest Tech

CNBEST Tech ( is a well-known total solution and one-stop supplier in China in the intelligent sensing, accurate measurement, smart motion and force control, and cobot applications industries. CNBEST Tech collaborates with about 50 global well-known partners who have been proven in the world market and are backed by CNBEST in China. The brands are synonymous with high quality, cutting-edge technology, and advanced application experiences. CNBEST makes good use of the synergy of different products and solutions and combines these advantages to develop new extensive markets and innovative applications locally. CNBEST Tech has full experience in loop closed motion control and force control applications and solutions and serves more than 200 R&D institutes, industrial Fortune 100 companies, robot manufacturers, and medical and life science companies. The OEM motion control and force control market is one of the priority-focused directions of the company in relation to these customers.


Electromate’s ( core purpose is to help manufacturers compete globally by building better machines using differentiated automation technology. They specialize in robotic and mechatronic solutions for the industrial automation marketplace. They support their customers with extensive product selection, just-in-time delivery, dedicated customer service, and technical engineering support.


iMotion ( is based in Castle Rock, Colorado, and is a manufacturer’s representative serving the OEM motion control industry in the Rocky Mountain region. With more than 80 years of experience in this area, iMotion Inc. has been able to assemble the premier manufacturers of motion control products and have the knowledge and experience to help apply those products in a manner that will maximize the opportunity for success in the design effort. iMotion is an expert at providing solutions, from simple to unique applications. The company remains focused on the OEM motion control market while expanding into biotech and developing technology industries.

MEV Elektronik Service GMBH

MEV Elektronik Service GmbH ( is a distributor/ stocking rep. and manufacturers' representative for electronic components, modules and systems. Special emphasis is placed on optimum technical service and consultation by 15 engineers to support the customers in Germany as well as in Central and Eastern Europe, while concentrating on state-of-the-art applications in leading market segments.

Motion Control Products

Motion Control Products ( is a technology company, and an expert in smart, high performance universal servo drive, motion, and automation solutions. We help our customers succeed through engineering knowledge, experience, and access to a diverse portfolio of motion and automation products. Motion Control Products Ltd continue to partner the most respected names in industry. In so doing MCP have developed an enviable reputation as a provider of solutions for high power density, high precision, small form factor and extreme environment applications such as robotics, UAV, ROV, AGV, medical devices, surveillance and defence.

Motion & Control Sales, Ltd.

Motion & Control Sales, Ltd.

Motion & Control Sales, Ltd. ( has been a motion control partner for over 22 years. With our vast experience in motion control and industrial control, we can help our manufacturers and customers achieve their goals. Our end customers are in such industries as automotive, aircraft manufacturing, packaging, smart conveyor systems, electrically operating industrial/military barriers, industrial ventilation, industrial pumping, and others. With our extensive experience in sales, motion control, and field service, we are very capable of upfront specifying and after-sales support for a complete customer solution.

Motion & Control Sales, Ltd.

Olympus Controls

Olympus Controls is an Engineering Services company that specializes in the integration of motion control, machine vision, and robotic technologies. The company helps clients with the ideation of innovative and robust solutions, collaborating with them to take their machine automation solution from concept to reality.

Precise Motion

Precise Motion ( is based in Tampa, Florida, and specializes in the application, sales, and support of motion control, automation, and process control products to service forward-looking companies in the industrial marketplace. The company’s objective is to aid in the selection and application of commercially available products from leading manufacturers to successfully solve unique automation applications.


Serticom ( is a value-added distributor filling the gap between customer needs and manufacturers’ products by means of the delivery and or adaptation of innovative products into customer-tailored solutions. Serticom's engineers are well trained and to help you find the optimum solution for your technical requirements, thus reducing the customer’s overall costs and time to market.


STXi is a global engineering company that designs and produces motion control and servo solutions. The company's products and solutions are integrated and connected to form fully optimized motion systems, tailored to the machine requirements and under single ownership.


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